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"Equine Assisted Therapy European Forum for Research"

Funding: COST application

Countries: Norway, Great Britain, Finland, Hungary, Slovenia
Working Groups:

Working Group 1: Research Development & Coordination Service Aim EAT: formation of a coordination center for EAT studies including definition of research fields, priority setting in horse assisted interventions, etc.

Working Group 2: EAT Information Service
Aim: establishment of an information center, with an Open Access Database, accessible to all professionals and practitioners with comprehensive information on existing and proposed studies, centers, research opportunities, and more. Development of an  electronic journal for easy publication.
This group will also be responsible for a critical review of all available literature and for building links with other international providers of relevant information for the open access journal for EAT

Working Group 3: EAT Methodology
Aim: analyzing and developing appropriate research methods to assess human-equine interaction, developing guidelines for the best EAT research study designs

Working Group 4: EAT Implementation & Integration of Best Practice
Aim: guidelines for research and integration of results into interventions.  EAT agreed guidelines and standards for practitioners, ethical standards, risk management, cost/outcome analysis, charges/standardization)

"National and international scientific network for horse assisted therapy and education"


established at the Conference Horses4Humans, 2013

members: Dr. Annette Gomolla (Germany), Dr. Katharina Alexandridis (Germany), Dr. Dörthe Machul und Prof. Dr. Erwin Breitenbach (Germany), Dr. Elke Haberer (Germany), Ann Kern (Norway), Hilder Hauge PhD (Sweden)

Projekt: networking, common publication, corporately application