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Travelling exhibition "The horse in therapy and paedagogigs"

Applying horses in therapy and education context is not a new concept. For over 40 years, horses have been used specifically in these areas in Germany. The horse has therefore extended its range of use. In addition to being a partner in work, sports and leisure time, it has become a "partner  in therapy" and a "co-educator". This represents a challenging cooperation between humans and animals, which has been met by a strong positive public response. The demand for equine-assisted offers is increasing steadily and the professional world is opening more and more to that alternative therapy. Several research studies are underway attempting to determine the effects and implications of equine assisted therapy and prove the therapeutic success measurable.
In the exhibit, we intend to sensitize the public, social institutions and agencies to the subject of horse-assisted therapy/education. The travelling exhibit was presented at the conference horses4humans in October 2011 and can now be hired.

If interested, please contact info@great-horses.org